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Antony Wolfson performs the music that means the most to him.


He is not a tribute artist nor is he an imitator.


He primarily performs the music of Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond in his own way.  Of course his interpretations are influenced by the original artists, but they are his own. This has made him a much sought after and unique artist that has performed in some of the very best venues and cities around the World. He has performed in London, Australia and the United States and on television with numerous radio interviews worldwide. In 2017 he embarked on a short tour in the southern US states that saw him perform at The Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis on Beale Street. This performance led to many more invitations and further performances in Tupelo and Nashville. He performs regularly for the very best venues in Marbella, where he lives.  


The two songs below were personally given to Antony Wolfson via his Producer; the ex-head of Artist & Repertoire, Tim Knight - a very well known name in the music business having worked with stars including Dame Shirley Bassey, Thin Lizzy and ELO to name just a few.  Tim Knight knows Mike Stoller of Leiber & Stoller, arguably the most successful song-writing team of all time with over 70 number one hits to their name.  They wrote for Elvis Presley and penned such worldwide hits as Hound Dog, Don't, Don't Be Cruel and Jailhouse Rock.  Tim played Mike Stoller  Antony Wolfson's vocal and Mike was so impressed he gave Antony two songs that he had written for Presley that he had never recorded. Both songs were produced by Tim Knight and recorded in Marbella and both songs have subsequently won music awards in Los Angeles with massive airplay worldwide.

Here then are the two Leiber & Stoller songs recorded by Antony Wolfson. We hope you enjoy them.  You will also find a short showreel below.

Antony Wolfson Showreels

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