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With over 50,000 followers worldwide, personally acclaimed by the friends and family of Elvis Presley, and rated number #1 Rock'n'Roll Artist worldwide by premier music brand ReverbNation, Antony Wolfson is a multi-award winning, celebrity-accoladed vocalist entertainer. Appearing on national television, interviewed on numerous mainstream BBC radio stations and appearing in the national press and on television.  His Rock'n'Roll shows are booked up many weeks ahead and have been attended by celebrities including Sir Tom Jones, Joe Longthorne MBE, Antonio Banderas, Joe Esposito and Robert Lindsay to name just a few.

Antony is not an Elvis tribute artist. He does not dress up or try to immitate Elvis Presley. He sings his music in his own way, with his own arrangements as himself.  In short, he is neither a tribute artist nor is he a mimic, preferring to perform the music that means the most to him, as himself. Nevertheless, many have said that when they close their eyes they would swear Elvis Presley himself was in the room singing.  Highly commended by those that performed with Elvis Presley, including Kathy Westmoreland who said to Antony; "You are brilliant I love everything you do." Elvis Presley's close friend and road manager, Joe Esposito, simply said, "Wow!" after seeing Antony perform in Melbourne, Australia. Sir Tom Jones said to Antony upon meeting him, "You are a great talent" at the 5-star celebrity hotel Los Monteros in Marbella.

In January 2017, Antony was invited to perform in Memphis and Tupelo. Performing at the Hard Rock Cafe Memphis on what would have been Elvis Presley's 82nd birthday on the 8th January.  Interviewed on two major radio stations in Tupelo Mississippi at prime commuter time, his music was played to an estimated 200,000 listeners across southern America.


Mike Stoller, of legendary songwriters Leiber & Stoller - songwriters to the King himself - having written songs for Elvis such as 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Hound Dog' and 'Don't,' personally gave Antony two songs that were written (but unrecorded) for Elvis Presley back in the 1950's. Antony recorded the first song in 2015 and 'Stay A While' went on to win Best Rock Song by 'Akademia' - the coveted music award based in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Today, it is played on radio stations globally and is currently achieving over 10,000 radio plays a month across the globe due to public demand and listener feedback. Appearing on television, with huge media exposure around the song, Antony was referred to as "The Ghost of Elvis Presley" and "Elvis Reincarnated."


Antony completed recording his second Leiber & Stoller song, "A Touch Of Heaven" in December 2016 - a short tour to Memphis, Tupelo and Nashville followed where he performed at The Hard Rock Cafe in Beale Street, Memphis. In November 2016, Antony met with Priscilla Presley and Don Reedman, the Producer behind the triple Platinum albums and the show featuring Elvis's vocal backed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  Antony's song, A Touch Of Heaven, was endorsed by Mike Stoller who said upon hearing the finished song, "You've got it!" - an accolade indeed from a songwriter inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Don Reedman said, "Very cool!"

Antony's new single, "A Touch Of Heaven" is now on worldwide release, having just won an Academia Music Award in Los Angeles in January 2017 under the category "Best R&B/Soul Song" with the judges saying, "It's an instant R&B classic!"


Antony Wolfson performs at the very best 5-star venues on the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain. He is the lead resident entertainer for The Marriott Hotel Group, the 5-star Hotel Los Monteros, and the celebrity renowned beach club, La Cabane, The Alanda Club Marbella, The H10 Estepona Palace and the legendary 5-star Don Carlos Hotel. He is, by far, the most highly commended TripAdvisor artist across the Costa Del Sol.

From January 2017 Antony's work is represented by the UK's premier music entertainment agency, Lander PR  - famous for representing artists such as Michael, Jackson, Janet Jackson, Annie Lennox and Andrea Bocelli.

Antony Wolfson has been interviewed by many well known global radio stations all over the world. Here we give you the opportunity to listen to two that have been selected from the many.  The first is the biggest radio station in the south of the US, covering regions where Elvis was born, grew up and lived his whole life. Interviewed on MISS 98 at prime commuter time to a listener base estimated at over 200,000 people in January 2017.  The second is an interview on BBC Radio in March 2017, covering many UK Northampton counties with a huge listener base over "drive time' commuter hour. We hope you enjoy them.

Antony Wolfson has a truly remarkable accolade, substantiated by those that were closest to Elvis Presley and saw first hand the explosive energy of a young man who changed the world. 

Listen to select radio interviews
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